Tarneeb is one of the most popular Middle Eastern card games suitable for the whole family members. It is a 4 player game, where each two players form a team (partners sit across each other). A standard 52 card deck is used, each suit ranking highest (Ace) to lowest (two).
A team wins points by winning a set or by making the other team lose a set. A Set consists of 3 stages: Talab, Playing, and Score-Counting stages. After one set is over, a new set kicks off. The process continues until one of the two teams passes a Preset Terminal Score (usually 31), and wins!

The Talab Stage

Players have to place Talab between 7 and 13, or pass. Players order how many hands(tricks) their team could win. Talab's have to be more than the highest value. Or pass. Player with the highest best picks the Trump suit, i.e. the "Tarneeb".

The Playing Stage

Player who picked the Tarneeb suit starts the first round. Player of the winning hand starts the next set. After a player plays a card, the player on the right has to play a card of the same suit if possible. If a player does not have the suit being played, then a card from any suit can be played. If all played cards are of the same suit, the player who played the highest card wins that set. In the case that a player does not have a card of the same suit, any card of a different suit (other than the Tarneeb) is worthless, and cannot win the round. If there are cards of the Tarneeb suit on the table, the player who played the highest Tarneeb card wins.

The Scoring Stage

Each team (2 players) shares one score count. If the team who called the Tarneeb gets at least its Talab count in hand, it wins that set. The team's score is increased by the number of hands won. Losing team gets nothing. If the team who called the Tarneeb couldn't reach Talab value, that value is subtracted from their total score, while the other team's achieved hands are added to their total score.