Current Competition: Pirates Competition

The winner of the competition will win: 1M coins +  150 Crystals


  • You are allowed to play 50 games (Single Round) where every win gives you 10 League Points (LP). The games played are represented by Lives which will appear next to your name on the ranking page.
  • You rank according to the total LP you've collected.
  • You can re-buy as many tickets as you want where each ticket costs 10 crystals only. The re-buy would reset your league ranking; this way you'll have another chance to compete.
  • The rooms are open all day long as long as the league is active
  • You need to be within the winners at the end of the league in order to collect your prize.


1st place:   1M coins + 150 Crystals
2nd place: 500K  coins  +100 Crystals 
3rd place:  300K coins   + 50 Crystals  
4th - 10th: 100K coins
11th - 25th: 50K coins
26th - 50th: 25K coins

What is the Tarneeb Masters Competition?

1.        The league is a competition where players compete for a predefined amount to win valuable rewards.
2.        Each League has its own rules and prizes.
3.        The duration of each league will be announced before the league starts.
4.        The date and time of the league is in GMT.
5.        During an active league, the league playing room might have its own opening hours; that’s when players can play to collect league points. These opening hours will be predefined in a schedule and will be announced before the league starts.
6.        When you win a game, you get League Points (LP) which get added to your league score. If you lose, LP get deducted from your league score. These league points are valid only for the league that you have subscribed to.
7.        The top 50 players with highest LP will appear on the league ranking page arranged from highest to lowest.

The Winner and the Reward

1.        The winners will be announced a max of 7 days after the closing date of the league.
2.        The winners are asked to contact the game administrators via the support or by sending an email to
3.        The game admin reserves the right to disqualify a winner in the event that the admin deems that the winner is the same physical person using a different Tarneeb Account.
4.        In order to deliver the reward to the winner, the player should share his/her email, mobile number and address with the game administrators who will be in touch with the winner to deliver the reward. Not providing this information within 7 days will result in the disqualifying the winner.
5.        In case of any obstacles in delivering the reward, the game administrators have the right to give the value of the rewards in game currency or cash.
6.        The Prizes are not transferable. Prizes are subject to availability in the winner’s country as per the provided address in addition to the ability to deliver the prize to winner’s provided address.
7.        All winners must provide identification documents in order to receive the rewards. Rewards may be received by a representative of the winner by proxy upon written confirmation from the winner.
8.        The winners shall be responsible for payment of due taxes and collections for the rewards under any relevant legislation of the country they are located.
9.        For the avoidance of doubt, Winners acknowledge that delivery of the Prize can take up to (3) months from date of notifying Winners. However, the game admin accepts no responsibility for any delay in the delivery of the Prize.

Player Disqualification

1.        The game admin reserves the right to temporarily or permanently disable the player if the admin deems that the player has generated irregular gameplay events and/or unverified purchases in Tarneeb Masters.
2.        All points earned by events that are deemed irregular by admin will be discarded and will not be taken into consideration in the competition periods they were generated in

Limitation of liability

1.        The game admin accepts no responsibility whatsoever for, including without limitation, any error, omission, interruption, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure of the Tarneeb Masters Application, which are outside its direct control and execution.
2.        The admin reserves the right to whenever is deemed necessary temporarily suspend the Tarneeb Masters Application for operational reasons (e.g. for repairs, planned maintenance or upgrades). The Provider promises to restore the Tarneeb Masters Application as soon as possible after any temporary suspension period.
3.        The admin is not responsible for inaccurate Prize and/or reward details supplied to any player by any third party connected with a competition and is not under any circumstances or at any time responsible for any actual or underlying defects of the offered Prizes and rewards.

Media & Publicity

The players accept and agree that if they win a reward then their first name, their last name and their photo may be published by the game admin, at his discretion, in the media (TV, radio, websites) for informational purposes only in media and commercials. The winners also accept that they may participate in live testimonials organized in the media by the game admin, at his request.