Colored Rooms

In the room selection screen, each room belong to a color.
We have 3 colors: Blue, Green and Orange.
Blue Rooms (4 rooms): Amman Apartment, Alexandria Beach, Venice Studio, Uganda Jungle
Green Rooms (4 rooms): Caribbean Pirates, Caribbean Pirates VIP, Beijing Battle, Beijing Battle VIP
Orange (2 rooms): Dubai Heights, Dubai Heights VIP

Each room has an entry fee and winnings. You need to have enough entry fee in order to be able to play in there.
The 2nd room onward are originally locked. You need to gain levels in order to unlock them one by one.

There are 2 type of rooms: Regular and VIP.
The Regular rooms are available for all users who managed to unlock them.
The VIP rooms are ONLY available for the VIP players who managed to unlock them. VIP rooms have a VIP badge next to them.

To choose between single round or Till 31, select on top menu.
To equip a sheesha, tap on the + sign next to the room.
To play in the selected room, tap on the room icon.