When you first launch the game, the second room onward is locked. You need to gain levels in order to unlock them one by one. Levels are gained by playing the game and earning XP.

Each room requires coins to play and has it's own entry fee and associated winnings in coins. You need to have enough coins to meet the entry fee and play in each room. The first room is the cheapest, and the coins required increase as you progress through and play up to the last and most expensive room.

In the room selection screen, each room belongs to one of four (4) colors: Grey, Green, Orange and Purple.
Grey Rooms (3 rooms): Austin Apartment, Hamptons Retreat, Geneva Vault.
Green Rooms (3 rooms): Ghana Jungle, Giza Tomb, Tokyo Club
Purple Rooms (3 rooms): Lichtenstein Castle, Undisclosed Location, Monaco Yacht
Orange (2 rooms): Rome Villa, Dubai Heights

To play in a room, simply scroll to the desired room and tap on the room icon to play. Additionally, before starting a game, you can equip an Energy Drink AKA Coin Booster to boost your potential winnings. To do so, click on the "+" sign next to a room and an Equip Screen will appear. Match Room and Booster Colors to earn the maximum boost possible. Refer to the Energy Drinks / Coin Boosters FAQ for more information.