1. What is Knockout Challenge?

Knockout Challenge is a daily event within our game that offers players the opportunity to compete and win exciting rewards. It consists of three Solo games, and the objective is to win all three games in a row without losing. Success in a Knockout Challenge can earn you coins, gems, and various rarities of card tokens.

2. How to win a Knockout Challenge?

To emerge victorious in a Knockout Challenge, you must conquer three Solo games consecutively, without any losses in between. This requires skill, strategy, and a bit of luck. The key is to outperform your opponents in all three games to claim the grand prize.

3. Why should we play Knockout Challenge?

Playing the Knockout Challenge offers numerous benefits. It’s an engaging and rewarding daily event that grants players the chance to earn valuable in-game resources such as coins, gems, and card tokens. Additionally, participating in Knockout Challenges can lead to the acquisition of new card decks, enhancing your overall gameplay experience.

4. How to get card decks?

You can acquire new card decks by spending your card tokens. These tokens are obtained by playing and succeeding in Knockout Challenges. The more challenges you complete, the more card tokens you’ll accumulate, allowing you to unlock and enjoy a wider variety of card decks.

5. What are card tokens?

Card tokens come in three different rarities: Common (gray), Rare (turquoise), and Epic (purple). These tokens are essential in expanding your collection of card decks. By participating in Knockout Challenges, you can earn card tokens as rewards. The rarity of the token determines the uniqueness and exclusivity of the card decks it can unlock.

Green Tokens   Grey Tokens   Purple Tokens  

6. What happens if I lose a game in Knockout Challenge?

If you lose a game during a Knockout Challenge, your progress is reset, and you’ll need to start over. You can choose your challenge option, which comes with its entry fee and grand prize. The higher the entry fee, the more substantial and rarer the rewards. If you secure the second place in a game, you have the option to retry for free. However, if you finish in the third or fourth place, you get knocked out of the challenge. It’s essential to be mindful of the challenge’s duration to ensure you don’t lose your progress, as challenges have specific time limits.