Spades Game modes

Solo Spades

Some of us like playing cards with other people, but we don't want to rely on their skills for maximizing our coin. Solo is still a four-person game, but rather than gifting tricks to your partner across from you, you're hoping to tank individual players with scores higher than yours.

Classic or Pairs Spades

Having a horrible hand isn't always so terrible when you're playing pairs. You can do your best to try and give your high-bidding partner all the tricks they need, and you have someone else to help you get your measly trick or two needed to avoid going in the negative! When playing a trick-taking card game online free, you might not know your partner, but it's still always fun to be in cahoots with another when duking it out against other real life card players.

Whiz Spades

This team version of Spades rules is only for those who consider themselves Spades whizzes themselves, or it's going to be very frustrating! In the Whiz game type, you must bid the exact number of trumps you have or bid nil. You are not allowed to bid a Blind Nil either!

Suicide Spades

In Suicides, it's Pairs Spades plus one of the members of the team must bid Nil and the other must bid at least four. Really puts pressure on the teams to work in tandem— no lucking out by getting carried by your partner! No Blind Nils in Suicide either. If the first bidder bids 4t, and his partner decides to bid a non-nil too, he gets the bid and the first bidder gets the 0 bid.

Mirror Spades

You don't get to know which spades a player has, but in Mirror each player has to announce the number of spades they have at the start of a game. There are no Blind Nil bids, and if you get none, you must bid Nil!