Referral System


Welcome to our Referral Rewards program!

It's time to team up with friends and earn exciting rewards together. Follow the simple steps below to boost your experience and unlock fantastic benefits.

How It Works

  1. Navigate to Social Hub:

    • Head to the Social Hub section in the game menu.
  2. Visit Invite & Earn:

    • Click on "Invite & Earn" to discover your unique referral code and shareable link.
  3. Share the Love:

    • Share your custom link or referral code with friends and fellow gamers.
  4. Others Join the Fun:

    • Friends can enter your code on the right side of the Invite & Earn page to join the game.
  5. Double the Rewards:

    • Both you and your friend will receive fantastic rewards when they use your code and start playing.

Pro Tips

  • Invite Strategically:

    • Share your code with new players and friends to maximize rewards.
  • Check Your Progress:

    • Monitor your referrals and earned rewards in the Invite & Earn section.
  • Keep the Fun Going:

    • Continue inviting friends and building your gaming community for ongoing benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I find my referral code?

A: Visit Social Hub -> Invite & Earn, and your unique code will be displayed there.

Q: Can I invite friends who already play the game?

A: Referral rewards are designed for new players. Encourage your friends to install and use your code!

Q: When do I receive my rewards?

A: Rewards are credited when your referred friends make progress in the game.


Join the Referral Revolution and Earn Big!

Invite friends, share the excitement, and watch your rewards grow. Thank you for being part of our gaming community! If you have more questions, check out our FAQ section or reach out to our support team.